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Interpretation on Higher Education Credit System establishment

  Regarding the public concerns and attention on the higher education credit system of future, our office would like to make the interpretation as follows: At present, there are some differences in credit and class hour calculation between Macao higher education institutions (HEIs). The credit system, which is gradually established, aiming to regulate the learning amount represented by each credit, as well as the number and composition of the minimum credits required to be reached for different academic degrees or qualifications, so as to establish a set of credit system applicable to all HEIs, and facilitate the courses exchange between HEIs in Macao and other places, create conditions for students’ mobility and also to be conducive to the mutual recognition of degrees or qualifications between Macao and other places’ HEIs. In addition, under the characteristics of credit compatibility, Macao HEIs can be more flexible to set up different types of higher education Programmes.  

  Our office has already completed the draft of the administrative regulations of the higher education credit system and has sent it to the relevant departments for opinions. We will actively keep connection with all relevant departments and promote the legislative process including all the supporting laws and regulations for the higher education credit system, so as to provide necessary conditions for the implementation of the new higher education law in August of this year.