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Promoting the nurturing of Local Academic Professionals

  The SAR government, attaching importance to training local talent, has been increasing resources and taking different measures in support of the stable development of Macao’s higher education institutions in recent years. They include the “Subsidy Scheme for Macao Higher Education Institutions” and the “Subsidy Scheme for Macao Higher Education Teaching and Research Staff Professional Development”, which have been launched by the Tertiary Education Services Office since 2013. Schemes like these have achieved certain effects in helping private institutions improve their teaching and scientific research environments, and in facilitating the participation of the institutions’ teaching and research staff in academic activities that are beneficial to their professional development.  

  Besides, local higher education institutions have actively contributed to nurturing outstanding local talent. For example, the University of Macau has rolled out “UM Macao Fellow Program” to recruit and train local young scholars, hoping to attract excellent local professionals to develop their careers in the city. The program enhances participants’ teaching and research experience, widens their international horizon and enriches their professional knowledge while creating conditions to form a good academic atmosphere.

  The SAR government will continue to support the institutions to cultivate, based on their characteristics, strengths and positioning, excellent local academic talent for Macao’s moderate economic diversification development in the future.