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Macao SAR Government Values the Training of Language Professionals

  The Macao SAR government has been attaching high importance to training language professionals and many local higher education institutions have been making use of their strengths to cultivate professionals specialized in different languages and related areas such as Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese-Portuguese translation and Chinese-English translation among others. By doing so, they aspire to prepare a talent pool for Macao in its transformation into the “ World Centre of Tourism and Leisure” and “Trade and cooperation platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries” in the interest of the city’s sustainable social development. There are 1,766 students registered in the related programmes in the 2017/2018 academic year, demonstrating the active engagement of local higher education institutions in training language and translation professionals.

  On the other hand, the Macao SAR government has better aligned its work on talent training with the country’s development direction and Macao’s development orientation. Apart from upgrading the “Working Group for Training Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Talent” to “Alliance for Training Chinese-Portuguese Bilingual Talent” and facilitating the formulation of a scientific and systematic talent training scheme between the tertiary institutions, the authorities are supporting the professional development of their teaching and research staff, urging on residents to take language courses on a continuous basis with different measures, such as the “Specialized Subsidy Scheme for Training of Bilingual Talent of Chinese and Portuguese Languages and Cooperation in Education and Research for Macao Higher Educational Institution” and the “Interest Subsidy Scheme for Language Training of University Graduates”.

  In the future, the Macao SAR government will keep encouraging local higher education institutions to improve their operating conditions and promote the development of local translation and foreign language education.