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Transferred from IFT about the response to Catering establishments and business situation of Anim’Arte NAM VAN

  In relation to MASTVNET’s reportage on 21 August, the Institute for Tourism Studies presented to the Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture the report on catering establishments and business situation of Anim’Arte NAM VAN:

  MASTVNET’s reportage can be found here:


  IIn accordance with the television reportage, after the closure of Institute for Tourism Studies’ cafe, this space was leased, in June, to a private food establishment, but, up to now, it is still not open to public. According to the reportage, there are currently two gastronomic spaces operating in Anim’Arte NAM VAN, namely Cafe New Green View, which operates under the model “Green Meal & Dessert” and Seek Your Choice Bistro, that provides classic western gastronomy and several alcoholic beverages.

  The other two establishments currently being set up are Cafe Super Mario and N8 Burger Workshop. The lease period began on 1 June 2018 and the establishments are now in the process of obtaining a catering license. According to the tender’s information, Cafe Super Mario was conceived to be a coffeehouse and leisure space with a Portuguese design, while N8 Burger Workshop is an establishment of pancakes and hamburgers, whose objective is to provide a basic and fast service, as well as a healthy and diverse offer.

  The two operating establishments and the two being set up have individual features concerning type of catering and style, which will help increasing this area’s gastronomic and leisure options.

  The Anim’Arte NAM VAN project includes a total of seven catering establishments. Besides the four above mentioned, whose tenders were already concluded, the public tender for the lease of the remaining three spaces had 13 August 2018 as the deadline to submit bids and the respective procedures are being executed by the Institute for Tourism Studies.